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Pirate Projects

Below is a list of the most popular Pirate Chain projects by active members of the Pirate Chain ecosystem.
Please note: All projects are fully independent and do not necessarily represent the Pirate Chain brand. 


An ecommerce merchant directory

The ARRRmada are stores, service providers and companies that accept ARRR as a means of payment. If you would like to pay with the crypto currency ARRR, you will find all acceptance points here. The ARRRmada use our payment options for their shops or receive donations with our donation script.

You have an online store, a store or are a service provider and accept $ARRR as an alternative currency on your website, then sign up now and earn ARRR with sales.


The PiratePay Payment Gateway Application

PiratePay is a fully decentralized, open source payment gateway that allows you to accept Pirate Chain ($ARRR) on your websites and stores. PiratePay removes the need for a middleman and is built with the utmost level of privacy and security in mind. The PiratePay app is designed to be more intuitive and more secure than using traditional RPC Servers to communicate with your stores.

We accomplish this by putting your $ARRR wallet behind a feature rich RESTful API that offers price conversions, transaction records, increased security features such as Oauth2 authentication, as well as a graphical dashboard. Additionally, a built-in job queue manager which monitors your wallet transactions and communicates with your store’s API to update the status of order payments.


Trade with other pirates

bARRRter is a one-of-a-kind trading community, tailored for Pirate Chain enthusiasts. Emphasising private trading, bARRRter allows users to place adverts without any listing fees or commissions. With ARRR as the accepted currency, it ensures a private and secure trading experience.

If you're seeking a platform that values privacy and connects you with like-minded pirates, bARRRter could be your next destination. Explore bARRRter and embark on a new journey of private trading with Pirate Chain.


An additional layer of privacy for ARRR wallets

In addition of using the world’s most private cryptocurrency, the Pirate OS offers plug-and-play USB functionality as an additional layer of security. It does this to shield your wallet activity from the prying eyes of your commercial operating system.

The Pirate OS defends users with VPN and Tor by default, maximizing security especially when running crypto wallets. PirateOS boasts pro-active defences such as MAC address spoofing which improves anonymity on local networks. To round out the security package, PirateOS developers will include drive encryption.

Local Pirate Chain

Trade ARRR person-to-person in an easy, fast, and secure way.

Explore Local Pirate Chain, the peer-to-peer trading platform for Pirate Chain enthusiasts. Just like LocalBitcoins, it connects buyers and sellers in an open marketplace, offering flexible payment options and secure transactions.

Trade Pirate Chain from anywhere in the world and join a community committed to fair and transparent trading. Experience the future of Pirate Chain trading today!