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rivacy is your human right

Privacy in financial transactions is a human right crucial for maintaining individual autonomy, dignity, and freedom. It guards against undue interference, supporting the ability to make independent financial decisions in a secure and confidential manner. This right is fundamental in fostering a society where individuals can freely express themselves, engage in democratic processes, and pursue their cultural interests without fear of surveillance or exploitation. Upholding privacy in financial matters is not just a legal necessity, but a cornerstone of a democratic and free society, ensuring respect for personal boundaries and choices.

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The ultimate private, fungible, digital gold; utilising class leading, cutting edge privacy protocols. Download your wallet now.

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The world's most private financial digital asset

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No Dev Tax

No Controlling Forces

Privacy First
ARRR is a unique "privacy-first" architecture with the world's largest organic anonymity set. ARRR ensures senders, recipients, and transaction data are 100% private.

World Class Devs

Pirate Chain developers are some of the most highly regarded, having been pivotal core developers in major projects such as Bitcoin, Zcash, Komodo and Monero. 

Transactional privacy by obligatorily implementing the zk-SNARKs protocol and shielded z-transactions, offering unparalleled data obfuscation and rapid truth verification.


Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) elevates and strengthens protection by notarising across Komodo and Litecoin blockchains, preventing all 51% attacks.

Pirate Chain offers an array of advanced, industry-leading privacy tools for integration to your online ecosystem.
100% Open Source
Pirate Chain is 100% open source and community driven by dedicated and passionate volunteers. Visit our GitHub project page to see our code and get involved.

What is Pirate Chain?

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Robust and secure, multi-platform technology, to protect your financial privacy, engineered by world class developers.

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A community of pirate projects

One of the most attractive and fundamental aspects of the project, is its unique and dedicated team of projects engineers, from top developers within the community. See some of these projects below.
A trading community, tailored for enthusiasts. Emphasising private trading, bARRRter allows users to place ads without any listing fees or commissions.

PiratePay is a fully decentralized, open source payment gateway that allows you to accept Pirate ($ARRR) on your websites and stores.


ARRRmada is a collection of stores, service providers and businesses that accept Pirate Chains's ARRR, as a means of payment.


Pirate OS, with VPN, Tor, and MAC address spoofing, ensures wallet privacy through USB functionality, shielding against surveillance, and enhanced security.

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