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Pirate Chain News | May 2024 Exciting Essential Updates

June 26, 2024

Pirate Chain News | May 2024 Exciting Essential Updates

Pirate Chain News at a Glance

In this month's Pirate Chain news: The Treasure Chest full node wallet received a nice update to v5.8.2. Pirate Chain made its presence by sponsoring the hugely popular Enemies of the State D.C. Bash, Freenauts and the Libertarian National Convention. There's great excitement amongst our users, with our recently added merchant, Monezon, where you can now buy anonymously on Amazon worldwide using ARRR.

Treasure Chest Full Node Wallet v5.8.2

Treasure Chest v5.8.2 is now available! The focus of this update was primarily in regards to a series of background code maintenance with significant modifications to the build system and removal of unused libraries. Of note, Ubuntu and Mac no longer support the operating system versions used previously. In this version the minimum OS version has been updated to Ubuntu 20.04 and OSX Big Sur. Users of older operating systems will need to update their OS.

Note: Treasure Chest v5.8.2 is a non-mandatory update, but due to bug fixes in transaction handling it is highly recommended.


  • Major changes to the build system
  • Moved to c++17 from c++11
  • Moved to gcc9 from gcc8
  • Releases are compiled on ubuntu 20.04 replacing 18.04 for linux, windows and aarch64
  • Releases are compiled on OSX Big Sur replacing High Sierra for OSX
  • Removed redundant code (Proton and Libsnark)
  • Releases produced on ubuntu 20.04 were compiled using docker engine. The docker files used to create the releases can be found here.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed the wallet URI handling
  • Fix the note issue no showing in the walled when using consolidation or sweep
  • Fix some transactional and meta data leakage from RPC while a wallet is locked
  • Improved local RPC access security when GUI wallet is in a locked state.

New Features

  • New config option “-unlockforreporting” which will allow transactional data and non-key data to be reported while the wallet is locked.

The most recent version of Treasure Chest is available via our GitHub.

Pirate Chain Sponsored Events

Enemies of the State

Pirate Chain News - Enemies of the State Logo

Pirate Chain proudly sponsored Enemies of the State, an event presented by CNJ Libertarians to celebrate all those who have given up their liberty for the sake of exposing the world to truths that those in power want to keep hidden.

At the party and other side events, Pirate Chain also sponsored the Freenauts, who performed at the bash and gave a shoutout to Pirate Chain at the event and on socials.

Libertarian National Convention 2024

Pirate Chain News - Become Ungovernable Logo

Pirate Chain was present at the 2024 Libertarian National Convention in Washington D.C. May 23–26 and had an advertising spot where the Pirate Chain logo and piratechain.com appeared on the delegation floor screen during breaks.

Monthly Project Update Meeting

Our first mate, Dajohns, provided us with a catalogue of Pirate Chain news in this monthly update. He sheds some light on the Treasure Chest Full Node Wallet v5.8.2 update, Pirate Chain sponsoring the Libertarian National Convention and The Enemies of the State party last week, our latest ARRRmada members Trocador and Monezon, a platform that allows ARRR as a form of payment for your Amazon shopping! Plus detailed information about the upcoming events, the Null:404 party at DEF CON and Nonsensus.

ARRRmada | Pirate Chain Merchant Directory

Below are some new additions to the ARRRmada merchant directory, where every-day businesses that accept ARRR as a method of payment, list their products and services.

Monezon - Shop on Amazon Anonymously


We’re very excited about this merchant! Go shopping using your ARRR privately on this awesome platform. Monezon is a third-party entity that allows you to shop on Amazon anonymously and worldwide! Enjoy private shopping on Amazon with your ARRR plus over 800 other coins on Monezon!

Pirate Chain News - Fluffy Pony Monezon Comment

Trocador - Trade Cryptocurrency Privately

Another great merchant where you can use ARRR to purchase gift cards and pre-paid debit cards is with Trocador.app! This definitely opens many gates for your ARRR treasure. Also, Trocador will find you the best possible rates on their partner exchanges.

BARRRter | The Pirate Chain Trading Community

Listed below are some newly listed and popular products you can purchase form the bARRRter ecommerce store, where businesses and traders list their products within an ARRR ecosystem.

For sale: Two Pirate Chain Miners Z9 Mini’s With PSU

Two Bitmain Antminer Z9 Mini’s with Power Supply Unit. This is a picture of them on my kitchen table. I can mail anywhere. It is also cool to note that this particular miner will mine multiple different coins. Pirate is just one of them. Buy them with ARRR!

Pirate Chain News - Crypto Miners for Sale

Upcoming Events

Null:404 & Pirate Chain party at DEF CON 32 August 8–11, 2024 | Las Vegas, NV

Pirate Chain News - Defcon Logo

We are rallying the forces for the upcoming joint event with null404.org at DEF CON on August 8–11, 2024, in Las Vegas! The community is in a creative mode and playing with new ideas for the event. You are welcome to join us or share ideas! Come and chat with us about future events on the Pirate Chain Discord!

Nonsensus November 7–10, 2024 | Phoenix, AZ

Pirate Chain News - Nonsensus Logo

Pirates are also getting ready to go to Nonsensus and doing a speaking presentation for this educated tribe that, like ours, is utilizing a blend of innovation and state-of-the-art blockchain technologies to achieve greater freedoms. Be part of our revolution by joining the Pirate Chain Discord to discuss these topics with our active community!

Pirate Chain News - Final Words

May has been a month of growth, innovation and positive Pirate Chain news. From the Treasure Chest wallet upgrade enhancing user experience, to our expanding merchant network now including Amazon purchases via Monezon, we're making privacy more accessible than ever.

Our presence at key events like the Libertarian National Convention, the world's largest party of Libertarians, demonstrates our commitment to privacy advocacy. As we look forward to upcoming gatherings like DEF CON and Nonsensus, we're excited to continue pushing the boundaries of privacy technology.

Your engagement fuels our progress – thank you for being part of this journey with our mission towards a more human rights focused future where you keep your right to financial privacy.

Please Note: Pirate Chain maintains a strictly apolitical stance. We neither endorse nor oppose any political parties, organisations, or individuals. Our commitment is to support all users of our platforms and services impartially and without bias.

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