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Pirate Chain News | April 2024 Key Insights

June 6, 2024

Pirate Chain News | April 2024 Key Insights

Pirate Chain News at a Glance

In this month's Pirate Chain news. Bold developments continue on the new Orchard trustless setup, and additional marketing initiatives are both huge efforts for the team right now. The MEXC Exchange is back taking ARRR deposits. And our top Verus expert, SHossain, advises you to update to the latest version of Verus (see details below).

The Atlantic Fleet research and development community is still looking for developers, testers, or anyone with motivation and good ideas to share with us! Please contact the Atlantic Fleet via our Pirate Chain Discord forum for this project.

Stay tuned for upcoming events, Null 404 Defcon and Nonsensus and find our X space talks on the @PirateChain X/Twitter!

Orchard Sneak Peek

This image shows the very first Orchard payment address generated with Treasure Chest Wallet. This is history in the making as development continues on the new Orchard trustless setup.

Pirate Chain News: Console showing Pirate address

vARRR Update

Please use latest Verus Desktop or CLI binary version v1.2.2–5 or latest before vARRR block hits 67000.

As you may know by now vARRR is now operational, with seamless cross-chain functionality in place. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Cross-Chain Import/Export: ARRR/vARRR now supports hassle-free import/export between different chains.
  • Komodo Wallet Integration: vARRR is now listed on the Komodo Wallet, enabling effortless transactions and ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • ARRR to vARRR Swaps: Users can effortlessly swap their ARRR for vARRR (and vice versa), expanding their options for digital asset management. Enjoy the convenience of 1:1 orders available on both sides, facilitating smooth exchanges.
  • ID Creation and Staking: Create your unique ID, avail a 20 vARRR discount by using ‘’PIRATE.vARRR@’’ as your referral ID. Once your ID is set up, you can seamlessly send funds and start staking.


Join us in celebrating this milestone achievement as we continue to enhance the user experience and broaden the horizons of decentralized finance. Happy trading!

Pirate Chain Exchange Listings


You can now trade and swap your ARRR on Exolix Dex decentralized exchange! Enjoy no transaction limits, affordability, speed, and user-friendliness. A good exchange for crypto-buying, this one is.

Disclaimer: Pirate Chain Does not promote nor endorse the use of any exchange or third-party entities.


ARRR is being listed on FinanceX, a centralized KYC exchange that, at your own risk, will provide you with tools including spot trading, perpetual futures, Turbo Starter, financial services, and more. 

Disclaimer: Pirate Chain does not promote nor endorse the use of any exchange or third-party entities.

See all of our exchange listings.

ARRRmada | Pirate Chain Merchant Directory

Below are some new additions to the ARRRmada merchant directory, where every-day businesses that accept ARRR as a method of payment, list their products and services.

LBR Designs

Looking for a graphics designer? Netherlands-based LBR Designs is a freelance graphic designer/all round DTP-er. They are here to help people, students, and small businesses with their graphic design needs. Such as logos, flyers, posters, infographics, digital gifts, etc. LBR is now accepting ARRR as a form of payment!

BARRRter | The Pirate Chain Trading Community

Listed below are some newly listed and popular products you can purchase from the bARRRter ecommerce store, where businesses and traders list their products within the ARRR ecosystem.

Privacy Is Power Listing

Pirate Chain News: Privacy is Power book cover

Carissa Veliz exposes how our personal data is giving too much to big tech and governments, why that matters, and what we can do about it. This is a book that calls for the end of the data economy. Buy it now with ARRR! View it here.

Social Media

We <3 ARRR Socials! X Spaces

Dajohns brought Rafael LaVerde from The Crypto Vigilante (TCV) in the latest space on We <3 ARRR Socials on X! In this one, he sheds some light on the aspect of blockchain technology, the lack of sense of ownership one will experience if one lacks privacy in the cybernetic environment, how privacy is a luxury that shelters you against tyrannical forces in the cyberspace, and much more from this legend in the crypto space. Plus talk on community marketing efforts and rallying the artistic Pirate community to promote Pirate Chain. Pirate Chain is a rare and unique project that needs your help instead of venture capitalists or government/central entities.

ARRR the Ocean and BITMAP the Land

ARRR the Ocean BITMAP the Land

Join Rafael LaVerde from TCV on one of his walk-and-talk shows! In this one, he guide you in the roots of real money, civilization, our current central tyrannical planning system based on coercion, and the predicament for the future of your money. All while he teaches you how Pirate Chain is leading the revolution as a private cryptocurrency.

ProjectMoonGold Crypto

PIRATE CHAIN CRYPTO(ARRR) “30X TREASURE” Updates: Price Prediction

Check out this quick 13-minute video of pure technical analysis on Pirate Chain, ARRR price and future predictions by ProjectMoonGold Crypto.

Pirate Chain News Final Thoughts

This month has been an exciting one for Pirate Chain news, with significant progress on the new Orchard trustless setup and impactful marketing initiatives. The return of ARRR deposits on the MEXC Exchange and the latest vARRR updates highlight the ongoing commitment to enhancing user experience and functionality.

We encourage everyone to participate in the development and community activities, whether by joining the Atlantic Fleet's efforts or engaging with us on our X/Twitter space talks. The milestones achieved in cross-chain functionality, Komodo Wallet integration, and ARRR to vARRR swaps represent our dedication to expanding and improving decentralized finance options.

Stay involved, stay informed, and continue to support the growth of Pirate Chain. Happy trading and see you next month for more Pirate Chain News!

Please Note: Pirate Chain maintains a strictly apolitical stance. We neither endorse nor oppose any political parties, organisations, or individuals. Our commitment is to support all users of our platforms and services impartially and without bias.

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