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Pirate Chain News | March 2024 Key Insights

April 26, 2024

Pirate Chain News | March 2024 Key Insights

Ahoy! Here is this month's Pirate Chain news and updates.

At a Glance

The official launch of vARRR on Verus' PBaaS (Public Blockchain as a Service) network as an independent chain has taken place! You can access it on Verus Desktop, Verus Mobile and using the CLI binary. By mining or staking vARRR coins, you can now generate a decentralized passive income.

You can swap your ARRR for vARRR with the latest Komodo Wallet (formerly known as AtomicDEX), where vARRR is swappable 1:1 with ARRR and same in reverse.

Right after our successful vARRR launch, the much-anticipated decentralized exchange, the Pirate DEX, is getting ready for its debut! Watch for the launch of this fantastic platform!

And if that isn't enough, Pirate Chain is going trustless, making Pirate Chain even more robust.

Pirate Chain ARRR Is Going Trustless with Orchard

Forge, one of our core developer, has started implementing the trustless zero-knowledge proof protocol from Zcash Orchard in to ARRR. The changes are being made to the GitHub branch dev-orchard.

Pirate Chain News - Trustless implementation Tweet

The trusted setup was one of the biggest FUD points used against Pirate Chain, despite not being a privacy issue. Even in the almost infinitely impossible chance that it was exploited, the privacy of ARRR would always stay intact.

Trusted Setup: To summarize, an elaborately secure and randomized process was undertaken to generate a set of parameters for use with zk-SNARKs. This multi-party computation involved 87 participants that had to generate data from multiple sources individually and separately all around the globe. All 87 participants would have had to be in cahoots prior to the process and store data from the ceremony to reproduce the parameters. The entire setup remains secure and irrefutable as long as there is 1 honest participant out of the 87. The parameter set has never been violated.

Kosius - Pirate Chain Captain

The Orchard update, which moves away from the trusted set up, on to the new trustless setup, will finally put that to bed and let Pirate Chain continue being the most private cryptocurrency in the world without disruption.

The Pirate Chain Decentralized Exchange

It's only a matter of time before the long awaited Pirate Chain decentralized exchange launches and becomes another huge part of the Pirate Chain privacy ecosystem. The P2P trading platform accesses the already very popular Komodo ecosystem, giving anyone that uses it more choice and volume to trade with.

P2P exchanges are the future of crypto. Unlike traditional exchanges, P2P exchanges don't control you or your keys; only you do! So say goodbye to hacked exchanges and KYC. It's just like cash, internet cash, helping you preserve your human right to financial privacy, a foundation of any good democracy.

Pirate Chain news - Pirate Chain decentralized exchange, coming soon.

Pirate Chain vARRR

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the vARRR Mainnet with the help of Verus development team and community, marking a significant milestone in advancing the Pirate & Verus ecosystem. vARRR can be included in DeFi baskets, can be used to create VerusIDs and NFTs, and can also be sent to and from Ethereum over the Verus bridge. Dive into the action with live updates and a continually evolving platform via our vARRR page.

Bridge Integration: Explore the Multiverse Tab in your Verus Desktop Wallet to discover the innovative Bridge.vARRR currency. Add it to your wallet and stay ahead of the curve! You can convert to any available currency within the bridge itself on chain or to any available currency withing Verus PBaaS using the off-chain method.

Power of Verus ID: Experience the power of staking with Verus ID, such as cash.vARRR@ (all vARRR IDs must have the extension .vARRR, not case sensitive), unlocking additional opportunities for earning rewards and contributing to the security of the network. You can also lock and unlock funds in an ID using the controlling address or sign data with the ID.

vARRR image

vARRR Resources

Exciting times lie ahead for Pirate Chain as we venture into this new chapter of the Pirate and Verus ecosystem. Join us on this journey towards greater interoperability and innovation!

Pirate Chain Community Fleets

In order to improve Pirate Chain and add new features, the LegendLooTZ-inspired community is presently seeking and encouraging developers, researchers, writers, marketers, and anyone else with passion and drive to join or form their own fleet.

Below are some of the fleets and projects currently active in the community.

Pirate Chain Discord community

Atlantic Fleet

This fleet has been temporarily named "Atlantic Fleet" for lack of a better name. Fleet name suggestions are welcome.

The current focus of the fleet is the addition of "bells & whistles" to Pirate software. This could be anything from bug fixes to UI improvements to completely new features.

The fleet currently consists of 1 researcher, 1 solutions architect, and 2 developers. Volunteers are more than welcome to join and contribute with their own skills.

The Gold Chest

Check out the Gold Chests - ARRR Online Treasure Hunt,  concept stage as we’re recruiting volunteer pirates for development of the treasure hunt concept to promote ARRR in the form of an online treasure hunt/Hackathon for non-hackers.

Make a Pirate Chain gift cards Design and and win some ARRR! Keep an eye out, since Pirate Chain is constantly in motion!

Upcoming Events

DEFCON event banner.

DEFCON 32 August 8–11, 2024 | Las Vegas, NV

We are rallying the forces for the upcoming Defcon Event on August 8–11, 2024, in Las Vegas! The community is in a creative mode and playing with new ideas for the joint event with null404.org. You are welcome to join us or share ideas on whatever you feel guided by! Come and chat with us about future events on the Pirate Chain Discord!

DEFCON event banner 2.

Nonsensus November 7–10, 2024 | Phoenix, AZ

Pirates are also getting ready to go to Nonsensus and are considering doing a speaking presentation for this educated tribe that, like ours, is utilizing a blend of innovation and state-of-the-art blockchain technologies to achieve greater freedoms. Be part of our revolution by joining the Pirate Chain Discord to discuss these topics with our active community!

The Pirate Chain Financial Ecosystem

Pirate Chain has a large and active community of businesses and traders who utilise the power of ARRR for their human right to financial privacy. Below are two of the most popular Pirate Chain ecommerce solutions, bARRRter and ARRRmada.

BARRRter | The Pirate Chain Trading Community

Listed below are some newly listed and popular products you can purchase form the bARRRter ecommerce store, where businesses and traders list their products within an ARRR ecosystem.

ARRR Hardware Wallet

The portable (1.05 Oz) Pirate Hardware Wallet is the only device that is capable of processing zkSNARKs transactions, as required by Pirate Chain (ARRR). Access to the unit is protected by a root-of-trust setup that starts in the boot ROM at power-up, through all the boot phases, and up to the pirate authenticator application. This offers convenience over the 2-PC online/offline split transaction capability in Pirate Chain’s Treasure Chest wallet.

Pirate Chain Hard Wallet

500 ppm Silver Cream.  AAll Natural Antimicrobial. 1.7 Oz

Delivered from Oklahoma, USA. Buy your silver cream with ARRR! Use as a high-silver-content cream wherever desired. Silver is a natural antimicrobial that kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts, moulds, and protozoa parasites. Buy the silver cream on barrrter.com.

bARRRter shop item

ARRRmada | Pirate Chain Merchant Directory

Below are some new additions to the ARRRmada merchant directory, where every-day businesses that accept ARRR as a method of payment, list their products and services.

BrewBurgers Venice, FL

Any pirates visiting Venice, FL? Brew Burgers are the best burgers in town and now gladly accept ARRR as a method of payment in both of their locations at BrewBurgers and BrewBurgers Back Porch!

ARRRmada listing - Brew Burgers

Social Media

Monthly Update March 2024

Come along with our first Mate, DaJohns, as he gives you the Pirate Chain monthly update! He announces the official vARRR mainnet debut brand announcement! An explanation of its fundamentals and the developing strategy for a Komodo Wallet (formerly known as AtomicDEX) vARRR pair swap. With a brief reveal of his work on the trustless zkproofs from the Zcash orchard, Forge jumps in. Captain Shossain clarifies the technical aspects of vARRR mining! Additionally, testers, researchers, and developers are invited to join the Atlantic Fleet! Look into this one!

Powerful Privacy X spaces

Join the conversation on the Pirate Chain Community with DaJohns, Amy Voluntary, and others to learn what makes us unique among cryptocurrency projects, the value of our product, and our advantages. Spend some time with us and discover the fundamentals of our expanding network and our always-on-the-go technologies, which ensure a private anonymous economic ecosystem that you can navigate privately and with pride — away from prying eyes! Check out the Powerful Privacy - Pirate X space.

Grewalsatinder AI Assisted Sentiment

Friends, let us unfurl the tattered sails of rebellion and take a moment to speak of something precious, something vital. I speak, of course, of Pirate Chain.
Now, some cast their eyes upon the name and see only frivolity, a playful jest. But I tell you, there's more below the surface than meets the eye. Pirates, those defiant souls who roved the open seas, were not mere thieves or bandits. They were mavericks, explorers of the uncharted waters beyond the clutching grasp of kings and their controlling hands. They built their own societies, their own codes of conduct – decentralized before the word was even whispered in hushed tones.

And so, too, does Pirate Chain embody this spirit. It's not just a name, it's a manifesto! A declaration that our transactions, our wealth, our very digital identities are not pawns to be monitored, manipulated, or taxed at the whim of centralized powers.

With Pirate Chain, we chart a course toward financial sovereignty. Privacy is not a luxury but a birthright! Every transaction leaves behind not a trail for prying eyes, but a phantom whisper on the wind. ZK-snarks, these marvels of cryptography, are not just clever technology; they are shields against those who would see your financial life as theirs to exploit.

And make no mistake, this battle is not trivial. As governments and corporations tighten their grip, as surveillance capitalism seeks to commodify your every financial move, Pirate Chain stands as a bulwark. A place for those who cherish liberty to transact, to build, to create, without fear of judgment or reprisal from those who'd claim lordship over your digital life.

So I ask you, will you be mere passengers on the ship of the status quo, weathering endless storms of financial control? Or will you raise a weathered black flag with us? Will you embrace the inherent defiance of the pirate name and join us on this voyage towards true monetary freedom?

The choice, my friends, is yours. Pirate Chain awaits!

Join the Pirate Chain Community on Discord

The official Pirate Chain Discord can be found at piratechain.com/discord. Discord is where the monthly update meetings happen. There is also a community channel (⁠community-projects) where community members organize calls to chat and a community-projects area where anyone can start an area for a project. There is usually a community call on Sundays, but anyone can start a call in the community channel at any time. Join the Pirate Chain Discord and join in on the discussions!

The Pirate Chain community is for everyone; men, woman and families of every background. This image by the daughter of one of our community members, highlights how Pirate Chain touches the hearts of all the people that believe in our journey - to protect our right to privacy. So join now and be a part of this journey with us.

Pirate Chain community image

Final Words

The gateway is open for ARRR defi interactions thanks to vARRR. The decentralized features that Verus and Pirate Chain provide, along with their mutual innovation and compatibility, will make a big impact in the cryptocurrency space. We are incredibly happy and thrilled to begin this collaboration, and we anticipate big things in an increasingly turbulent global system where people will be desperate for privacy and security. People will have to adjust to new items and technology, like Pirate Chain. We are ready for whatever the future throws at us because we know that our technology will deliver exactly what this new world needs.

Please Note: Pirate Chain maintains a strictly apolitical stance. We neither endorse nor oppose any political parties, organisations, or individuals. Our commitment is to support all users of our platforms and services impartially and without bias.

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