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Pirate Chain Crypto Wallets

Pirate Chain 100% open source crypto wallets provide industry leading privacy technology, helping you keep your finances safe from cyber criminals and nefarious organizations. Privacy is a human right and we intend to keep it that way.

3rd Party

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Created and supported by the original team to protect your financial privacy

Treasure Chest
Most secure
4GB+ RAM recommended

The Treasure Chest is the primary full node wallet for Pirate Chain, designed to run on 64-bit systems. It uses zk-SNARKs cryptography to offer cutting-edge privacy and anonymity, especially when coupled with a VPN and secure OS like Linux. The wallet is actively maintained, and the developers prioritize user security and ease of use

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Doesn't weigh much
Not real leather
4GB RAM recommended
Most convenient

The Pirate Wallet lite is a light, fast wallet designed for storing smaller amounts of ARRR. It's a resource-friendly option that doesn't compromise on security or privacy, utilizing zk-SNARKs to ensure the safety of your funds. The wallet prioritizes speed, user-friendliness, and usability, making it ideal for users with hardware limitations or those dealing with smaller amounts of ARRR.

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The most secure mobile solution
Take it anywhere, globally
3GB RAM recommended
Take ARRR with you

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The mobile wallet designed for users who want to carry their ARRR cryptocurrency on the go. Just like the Treasure Chest, it employs zk-SNARKs cryptography for privacy and allows for anonymity when used in conjunction with a VPN service. This makes it suitable for casual and everyday use, and for storing smaller amounts of ARRR.

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Don't lose it
Compatible with pens
100% off-grid

The Pirate Chain paper wallet is an offline storage option for ARRR. It generates a sapling address via CLI commands and saves it to a PDF file, providing physical representation of your digital assets. Paper wallets offer immunity to online threats, but require careful handling to prevent loss or damage. They are ideal for those preferring tangible storage or wanting additional security from offline storage.

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