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The Blockchain Privacy, Security & Adoption Alliance

February 12, 2020

The Blockchain Privacy, Security & Adoption Alliance


  • Pirate Chain expands its horizons

  • High quality teams contributing to exciting innovative solutions

  • Pirate Chain can establish a stronger presence

  • Highly selective onboarding of new projects that help us and others

The Pirate Chain community joins the Turtle Network, Sentinel and Ether-1 in forming the Blockchain Privacy, Security & Adoption Alliance (BPSAA).

The conception of the BPSAA came directly from members of the Pirate Chain team in conjunction with members of the Turtle Network. The alliance is formed to help each project to achieve its goals faster, providing additional resources and know-how, previously unavailable to the community.

The purpose of the alliance is to unite dedicated teams, with high quality members, each with their unique technological or advocacy expertise. According to Founder and Pirate Chain captain Draeth: “All members are bound by the belief that cross-platform interoperability between projects will create value and exciting new innovative cross-chain fintech solutions.”

Each BPSAA member will provide a unique role and specialization within the Alliance. Expanding capabilities, this new format provides a well-rounded foundation with a wide range of new skills and tools for Pirate Chain.

The BPSAA will accept applications from other projects wanting to join the alliance. A wide range of benefits of becoming a member in the alliance include:

  • A common forum of developers to help provide technical and integration assistance
  • A group think tank to provide ideas for strategy, new solutions and developments
  • Co-marketing efforts to increase the visibility for every member
  • The ability to vote to onboard more projects.

Another noteworthy point is that there are no membership fees or dues whatsoever. The BPSAA plans to accept applicants periodically, as to build a solid foundation with whomever is onboarded. The alliance aims to lead by example on innovation and cooperation within blockchain and having a significant voice for the industry.

What does this mean for Pirate Chain?

Pirate Chain stands to directly benefit from the alliance in many ways, including:

Pirate OS

The incredibly safe new Operating System by Pirate Chain will get a big boost from using Sentinel’s dVPN service out of the box. What is even more significant is that Sentinel is accepting ARRR as a form of payment for their services for a completely anonymous solution.

P2P Exchange

The Turtle Network is in the process of building a peer-to-peer exchange to trade ARRR with some extra security features to ensure the safest trading solution to date.

POS System

Another core innovation for Pirate Chain involving the Turtle Network is on track with a Point of Sale system for physical and online retailers. This is a project that aims to expand the reach and real-life usage of ARRR much further beyond what has been achieved so far.

Galleon OS

The ETHO (Ether-1) project will be providing a solution for secure IPFS hosting and storage on the up-coming Galleon OS which will be an expanded version of Pirate OS with plenty more features. More details on this to follow soon.


About the BPSAA

The BPSAA is an organization that unites high quality teams for cross-platform cooperation and the development of new innovative fintech solutions. The common ethos of the BPSAA is interoperability amongst all, setting a new standard for innovative blockchain collaboration.

Website: https://bpsaa.vision/
Twitter: @BPSA_Alliance

Please Note: Pirate Chain maintains a strictly apolitical stance. We neither endorse nor oppose any political parties, organisations, or individuals. Our commitment is to support all users of our platforms and services impartially and without bias.

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