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Pirate Chain Newsletter — August 2022 Edition

September 14, 2022

Pirate Chain Newsletter — August 2022 Edition

August Monthly Update 2022 post 1


Ahoy, Pirates! We celebrated ARRR integration into the Qortal DEX Ecosystem and Pirate Chain’s 4th anniversary in August!!! Developers are working on adding another wARRR bridge, on ETH network this time, while continuing work on the Hardware Wallet.

Nothing official yet, but Commander Forge and the team are brainstorming ways to make Pirate Blockchain more independent and stay on top of the game.

bARRRter.com is up and running smoothly.

Project Update

Qortal DEX Listing

Ahoy, Pirates! ARRR is now operational in Qortal DEX!!! We’re now able to trade our precious ARRR on a decentralized exchange and discover what Qortal has to offer as a completely safe and secure blockchain-based internet! Qortal is bringing a Smart Contracts Revolution to app development, video game creation, data storage, communications, and web hosting, as well as all non-KYC and custodian-free DEX. Enjoy!

Qortal x Pirate 1





Our restless developers’ team will introduce wARRR to the Ethereum Network. wARRR holders already have access to privacy and the opportunity to earn passive income by staking wrapped ARRR on the BSC transparent network.

Many wARRR holders can now make use of full private access to the full range of services offered by the ETH network because of this step. wARRR!!!


ARRR Currency 1

Hardware Wallet

We are glued to the birth of this little monster. In order to give a demo at the CryptoVigilante hardware wallet symposium on September 23rd, Mullroy is now working on transferring the transaction data to the device and pushing to finish the user interface.

We’ll keep giving this innovative technology, which allows transactions that are 100 percent safe, our complete attention as it develops. As you are aware, this technology can only be found in Pirate Chain. Remain tuned!


AtomicDEX Pic

ARRR’s integration into AtomicDEX is in its final stages. Developments are being made so ARRR will have full and special capabilities to interact with all the coins inside of this DEX.

This custodian-free, non-KYC, P2P DEX is the perfect marriage for Pirate Chain in its vision to free us from malicious, greedy entities out there.

Follow ARRR’s integration here:

AtomicDEX Roadmap

Find information about our achievements and future development plans.


StealthEX Exchange

wARRR (Wrapped ARRR) is being integrated into this non-custodial exchange. Here you will be able to do infinite swaps while an algorithm will find the best crypto exchange rate and perform the swap for you. Yet, you have a fixed rate option also.

WARNING: As of 9/8/2022, their site shows a typo. Instead of wARRR they have ARRR. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ARRR TO THIS WEBSITE.

StealthEX Pic


Other Wallets and Exchanges

Work continues on partnership integrations with Edge wallet, as well as other multi-coin wallets and exchanges.


Pirates in the ParkAnarchy seems to be spreading in New York City. We’ve spotted Pirates in Tompkins Square Park!

Lootz Event Pirate in the Park 1

Coming Contest

On the quest to make an awesome silver coin design, our Captain Draeth will organize a contest so he can find the best artistic hands out there. An announcement for the date and details will come sometime in the third week of September.

So if you have a passion for design, stay tuned in to Pirate’s Discord!

Check out Cap’s Coin Store here: https://physicalcryptocoins.com/

Coming contest 2022 1

Pirate Life Casino Lottery

Pirates, ahoy! Finally, the globe will have a fair lottery run by and for the people in this third week of September! We all benefit when a fair 90% of every dollar goes toward the jackpot and the remaining 10% is used to fund the growth of Pirate Chain.

All are supplied by our entirely anonymous and safe chain of pirates. Enjoy!

Play our available games, including Caribbean Stud Poker, roulette, slots, and craps at: https://piratelife.casino/Games



Pirate Chain now has its own version of classified advertisements! bARRRter is a global meeting place for privacy advocates to network and trade goods/services for $ARRR. Its guaranteed acceptance of Pirate Chain! Visit https://barrrter.com/

bARRRter 1

- AnARRRkey

Please Note: Pirate Chain maintains a strictly apolitical stance. We neither endorse nor oppose any political parties, organisations, or individuals. Our commitment is to support all users of our platforms and services impartially and without bias.

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