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Pirate Chain Update of August-October

November 12, 2019

Pirate Chain Update of August-October

MJay art of the month


Ahoy Pirates! This is a long overdue update covering August, September and October. With some internal organization, we now have a dedicated community volunteer producing monthly updates! From here on, future Pirate Chain updates will be published monthly.


"Time and tide wait for no man." – Geoffrey Chaucer

The unstoppable arrrmada that is our pirate community is sailing strong. Thanks to everyone's contributions, we've made significant progress on numerous fronts. So, grab your favorite rum and anchor yourself as you read this update!


Project Development

  • Building a Privacy Ecosystem

As you know, $ARRR is the most private cryptocurrency that protects your personal financial privacy. However, the Pirate Chain wants to take the project to another level! Specifically, Pirate Chain is expanding its ecosystem to protect all of your online digital privacy. Here's how:

    • Pirate OS

      • The Pirate Chain team is bringing you an entirely privacy focused operating system with a preloaded Pirate Chain wallet, all on a usb stick. Pirate OS encrypts and innately protects your connection via Tor and VPN. So, not only is the transaction private, but your IP address and connection is entirely private too.
      • Beginning with the standard model, GhostShip will offer Pirate OS and Pirate Chain wallets. This is ready to launch within the month.
      • The advanced model, named Galleon will be feature-packed amongst which is a proprietary privacy-first web browser along with the latest Pirate Chain wallets.

GhostShipOS image


    • zAtomicDex

      • First, what are Atomic Swaps? In crypto, everyone is used to buying/selling cryptocurrencies via (centralized) exchanges. These exchanges function as middlemen that charge fees for their service. Furthermore, you have to trust your coins with the exchange. Atomic Swaps are the first ever peer-to-peer coin swaps, occurring directly from wallet A to wallet B with no intermediary. Read more about it here: https://komodoplatform.com/atomic-swaps/

atomicdex e1573566142139


      • What is an AtomicDEX? The first, true Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that utilizes Atomic Swaps to facilitate direct wallet-to-wallet exchange of coins. The AtomicDEX app puts the exchange in your hands. It is as simple as finding a posted swap that is agreeable to you, select and in just minutes, coins from both parties are swapped between wallets. Therefore, there are no third party intermediaries to trust your coins with. AtomicDEX is already in testing phases. Find out more about it here: https://atomicdex.io/ and here, https://komodoplatform.com/atomicdex-ama-towards-decentralized-trading/


      • Pirates are likely very interested in zAtomicDEX (also called ARRRtomicDEX). To briefly explain, all of AtomicDEX’s swaps are on the public blockchain, but ARRRtomicDEX brings in a layer of privacy. Due to Pirate Chain’s superior privacy features, where all addresses and all transactions are by default private, it offers the perfect anonymity tool. Imagine 2 scenarios, (1) an anonymization feature, such as “colored CoinA” -> ARRR -> CoinA, or (2) a truly private swap, such as CoinA -> ARRR -> CoinB. $ARRR enables any cryptocurrency to be anonymized via ARRRtomicDEX. Consequently, this provides an invaluable usecase for $ARRR while serving an imperative role for the cryptocurrency industry. Read more about ARRRtomicDEX here: https://cryptocoremedia.com/arrrtomic-cross-chain-atomic-swaps-explained/. Here is a quote from the Komodo sage, JL777 about the role of ARRR in zAtomicDex:

JL zatomicdex screenshot


      • As the AtomicDEX team is working furiously to launch the first MVP, Pirate Chain is making preparations for the union. At the moment, 140k ARRR in donations have been raised for integration bounty. If you want to see ARRRtomicDEX come to fruition sooner, send your $ARRR donations here:        zs1zcvuz4gf826yp8trncj9l86a6xracrf2jk8lwz5v6xz7zntgmgahwrxw9rxu9jtthscex4aanpe


    • Privacy Education subchannel

      • Pirate Chain is dedicated to elevating privacy amongst the Pirate community. In conjunction with efforts to protect personal digital privacy, we have launched the Privacy Education channel where we discuss the best privacy practices. This channel also compiles the best articles and tips on privacy matters. Come join the discussion and learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones: https://discord.gg/EM3U5QR


    • And there's more in the pipeline! So, stayed tuned for future updates!


Pirate Chain News

  • Pirate celebrated its 1st Birthday on August 30th with 3 birthday giveaways!
    • Birthday Giveaway #1: @mjibril19 won the Bitmain Z9 giveaway!

Screen Shot 2019 11 11 at 5.48.44 PM

    • Birthday Giveaway #2: A .999 silver Pirate Commemorative Coin and two Pirate v2 Coin were both generously donated by Captain Draeth, also of Physical Crypto Coins. @27aume won the .999 Silver Physical Coin! @rachelgriesmer and @johnyk21k won the Physical PirateChain v2 Coin!

Screen Shot 2019 11 11 at 5.52.35 PM


    • Birthday Giveaway #3: The winner of our PirateChain Chest Node Giveaway is @Manuel19003!

Screen Shot 2019 11 11 at 5.53.58 PM



  • Pirate Chain is participating in Pirates Week Festival at Cayman Islands. The Pirate team will be bringing the most private cyryptocurrency to the 30,000 festival attendees and Cayman Island locals! This is a perfect opportunity for marketing Pirate Chain on an island that loves privacy!

Pirate Banner2

PWF Photobooth


  • Pirate Chain penned a Letter to US regulators announcing its compliance with Howey Tests. Read the letter here. Why did Pirate Chain obtain this letter? Here's an short explainer written by CryptoFist on how this letter will facilitate future exchange listings, read the medium article here.


  • The Pirate Roadmap is updated with all the accomplishments in its first year since launch. Additional plans for the upcoming months are also updated.

Screen Shot 2019 11 11 at 8.49.25 PM


Wallet News

Pirate Chain is committed to optimizing the security of all Pirates’ $ARRR coins. To date, we have 3 wallets (Agama, SevenSeas and PirateOcean). Thanks to mrlynch, Pirate Chain now has a 4th option – the Sapling Paper Wallet!




  • Agama

    • The latest Agama wallet is now released (thanks to veruscoin). This update incorporates a fix for a Zcash protocol issue. Additonally, this version also includes updates to Sapling functionality. For Agama users this is a Critical update as it fixes a vulnerability that puts private keys at risk. We recommend that all Agama users upgrade to this version immediately and discontinue use of previous Agama wallets. https://github.com/VerusCoin/Agama/releases/tag/v0.5.9


Social Media

  • Social Media Team

    • Pirate Chain now has a Social Media team comprising of Kosius, Llama, Zanzarismo, Aron “XuanLeeeeee”Goldberg, Cryptofist, Draeth and Wookie25. This dedicated team of volunteers will manage Pirate's  Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.


  • Review on Binance.info

    • Pirate Chain was recently picked up and reviewed by Nik Patel of the AltCoinTrader’s handbook. He wrote a glowing review of Pirate Chain and especially loved the Pirate community! Read about the publication here on Binance.info.

Probably the most invaluable quote from the review:
“More impressive is the genuine and palpable excitement the community has for PirateChain; if I’m honest, this community (at least within Discord) seems to be one of the most engaged I have come across. This is critical in the longevity of a project.” - @CoinTraderNik, Nik Patel



  • Discord

    • You've probably noticed that Pirate's Discord channels have revamped and improved. Thank you @ph0enix! Now you can find a channel for your topic of interest more easily. You can also start up a chat directly with the merchants of ARRRmada in their channels.
    • BlackBeard Casino is open!! What is the Casino? This is a bot hosted right in Pirate Chain's discord that offers games such as Blackjack, Craps, War and many more! Play the games with $ARRR and win $ARRR! Most importantly, 50% of proceeds go to Pirate Marketing. Join BlackBeard Casino today!

Casino screenshot


  • Utrum

    • Utrum is a reward platform for crypto reviews, analysis and market predictions. The Komodo Ecosystem generously listed Pirate Chain on the Utrum system (thank you Oszy). Check out Pirate Chain’s page here, https://utrum.io/cryptos/Pirate-Chain/ARRR


  • Crypto101 Live Chat

    • Captain Draeth was live with Crypto101 on YouNow talking about Privacy and Pirate Chain. Thanks to Crypto101’s Pizzamind and Bryce for the chat! Check them out on YouNow,


  • New Trello Board

    • Captain Draeth created Pirate Chain’s first public Trello board. This real time roadmap beautifully displays Pirate’s accomplishments and upcoming goals. Now you can keep track of all Pirate Chain’s development progress as they update in real time! Checkout progress of the best privacy coin on Trello!


Pirate Exchanges

  • Exchange Listings

    • Draeth, Kosius and Mr. Hashem have killed it and have applied to over 52 exchanges including Binance, Liquid, LBank, Coinex.com
    • In the process, they have raised over 100k ARRR for listing fees. Thanks to some deep dive research by Strob and Actionslacks , we were able to make some well-informed decisions and not list with some of the exchanges. The funds are safu and will be used for upcoming Pirate Chain efforts.


  • Exchange Development

    • Pirate Chain is collaborating with Turtle Network to launch Tortuga! Pirate's technology will enhance Turtle Network's gateway solution. Checkout Turtle Network! Stay tuned for more details.



  • Exchange closures

    • Escodex exchange shut down and all Pirates were notified to remove their $ARRR from the exchange.


  • Exchange upgrades

    • Citex (who self listed ARRR without requesting fees) exchange wallets were upgraded with help from mrlynch. Thus, $ARRR deposits and withdrawals are smoother now! Trade ARRR on Citex here.


  • End of CryptoBridge debacle

    • After the months-long fiasco with CryptoBridge (here's a brief summary: CryptoBridge uses pseudotokens for every asset. A bug in their bookkeeping generated extra pseudotokens for $ARRR. Consequently, this allowed more $ARRR to be withdrawn from their account than they have. Please see the July update for more details), ARRR users were partially reimbursed their $ARRR at current exchange rates. This marks the end of the “CryptoBridge debacle.”


ARRRmada News

  • New WebService

    • Pirate ARRRmada rolls out a new WebService! The ARRRmada team now provides a one-stop shop service to help you create your own WordPress and WooCommerce based online store.
    • Services provided by the ARRRmada include: domain and hosting consulting, installation of WordPress and WooCommerce, implementation of a premium layout to match the topic, your own logo and brand on request, integration of a test product that can be used as a template, implementation of one of our partner payment plugins to accept payment with ARRR and other crypto currencies, Active promotion of your store via social media, and listing on arrrmada.com.






Black ARRRmy Store

Black ARRRmy Crypto Shop was formed by two Pirate Chain pool owners to give crypto enthusiasts a place to buy their favorite crypto apparel. The shop's first line of apparel was Pirate Chain, which also happens to be the coin that the owners are most passionate about.  We have expanded our collections to offer a wide variety of coin apparel and will continue to expand with new coins and designs. Also, we offer a Crypto Mining Pool Gear collection. Any crypto pool that wants to list t-shirts, hats, stickers or any other items on our store are welcome. Our latest addition is the Awareness collection. We offer t-shirts and hoodies based on various awareness program colors and ribbons. Fifty percent of the sale profits from the Awareness collection will be donated to a charity related to the type of awareness shirt sold. We are passionate about crypto and passionate about helping others. If you're looking for some great crypto gear stop by and check out or shop at https://blackarrrmy.com/. If you're a miner and interested in mining the best equihash coin come join our pirate pool and get some ARRR, https://piratepool.us/


Pirate Community Art-of-the-Month

MJay art of the month

Gorgeous artwork by Pirate community member, @Mjay!


Last words from the editor

In conclusion, Pirate Chain's community is one of the best in the industry! Everyone's contrubutions have brought so much progress for Pirate. Keep up the great work! Lastly, I leave you with a tweet:

Murad Mahmudov (@MustStopMurad) named Time as the most valuable commodity every human has, and $BTC is the best store of value of one's time. Would you say Privacy is the second most valuable? Pirate Chain is the best store of value of your privacy.

Please Note: Pirate Chain maintains a strictly apolitical stance. We neither endorse nor oppose any political parties, organisations, or individuals. Our commitment is to support all users of our platforms and services impartially and without bias.

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