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A Lite Wallet Update To Watch Out For

April 6, 2021

A Lite Wallet Update To Watch Out For


The lite wallet has undergone fresh updates to improve usability, speed and security. Pirate Chain core dev Forge has been working behind the scenes to make wallet functionality and cross compatibility stronger than ever. And the wallets design is looking pretty hot too.


The version of the Lite Wallet for Pirate (piratewallet-lite-cli) was updated:

  • Enabled the use of single address inputs to prevent odd transaction overlaps with the mobile wallet
  • Introduced a function to be able to update checkpoints without having to recompile
  • Improved the transaction fee and change handling

User Interface Updates

  • The user interface was updated to use single transaction inputs

Settings Tab Update

  • Added a show transaction fee toggle
  • Added a show transaction change toggle

New Lite Wallet Themes

  • Added multiple pirate-based themes
  • Added a dark mode theme


Download The New Lite Wallet:


Watch The Video:

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13 comments on “A Lite Wallet Update To Watch Out For”

  1. I have been trying to send pirate chain to my mobile wallet on my android phone. Unfortunately, the address is not recognized by me treasure chest wallet or the exchanges. So I am unable to receive the pirate chain token. Thank you for your assistance.

  2. Hey Pirates,

    I am trying to find a way to store ARR on an I-phone. Any wallets ready? I own a 10-year old computer so i cant trust it to be safe.


  3. I am currently on an android wallet. I currently own 25000 coins and am planning to get to 100,000 over the month. Should I switch to a different wallet? And if so can I just download a larger wallet and log in with my original password?

  4. I'm getting error "Server's latest block (577484) is behind ours (1372590). Have I done something wrong or is there something going on with the system please?

    Also; is there "how to use" guide for ordinary people anywhere? I'd like to be able to use my wallet from another computer than the one it is on currently but haven't been able to find how, or for that matter any other "Pirate Lite for dummies" info anywhere.

    Many Thanks to anyone who can help! I'm sure there are many more in my situation, and as Pirate explodes there will be thousands more.

  5. After the download I no longer have dollar amount in balance or when I hover over a transaction. I still have my coins in balance so everything is fine. I got used to this feature and wonder if there is a way to reset this. I have no connection to the exchange price, either. Help, please.

  6. I have the Pirate Wallet Liteclient V1.0.5 and I heard there was a .6 version update. If I am already using my .5 version how do I update to .6 ? How does that work? I saw on your site somewhere about downloading the "newly designed" pirate-lite-CLI is that .6 version? If I download that will I lose what is in my .5 wallet ? --thanks, Kelly.

  7. Okay now the pirate chain wallet I have funds on is not syncing error status connection problem unexpected compression message. So can not send receive. Or get any of you information.like seed.great can download a new wallet .but why not update the old wallet so how to get funds to new updated waller

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