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Changelly Exchange Fundraising Initiative

February 16, 2021

Changelly Exchange Fundraising Initiative


Joining Changelly

As soon as this campaign started Pirate Chain developer JL777 has pledged to match the donations dollar for dollar, meaning that we only need to raise half the amount to get there.

The total we are looking to raise is $25,000 from the community towards integrating Pirate Chain (ARRR) into Changelly. JL777 will offer the rest $25,000. But why is Changelly so important to Pirate?

Instant Coin Swap

We can benefit greatly by being part of one of the best instant cryptocurrency exchange platforms. One of the core features of Changelly will be the ability to convert most cryptocurrencies into ARRR. This drastically increases the possibilities of other cryptocurrencies being converted into ARRR.

Mobile Apps

Apart from its popularity, the Changelly app offers an iOS version of their software. This is something we do not currently have and will help us with adoption, as 45% of the Pirate Chain community uses iOS.

New Exchange

Apart from the instant exchange of coins, mentioned above, Changelly also offers a full-featured exchange for trading a variety of cryptocurrencies it supports for 50+ markets.

Support your Freedom

Changelly has a current audience of 2 million customers. This presents a unique opportunity for Pirate Chain. It is a key step for getting ARRR into mainstream adoption. As such, this is one of the most important fundraisers we ever run.

Cryptocurrency Donation Addresses: https://piratechain.com/donations/new-exchange-fundraiser/


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2 comments on “Changelly Exchange Fundraising Initiative”

  1. So as of right now, does Changelly currently not support Pirate chain wallets? I downloaded the Pirate chain mobile wallet and started a Changelly account but my wallet address is coming up as invalid, could this be why?

  2. Hi, I made my first ARRR purchase via Changelly end of April and have 300 coins stuck in their wallet due to 'maintenance' that's been going on ever since. I realise they are upgrading their wallet, but it's been a while with no news as to when they expect this to be completed.

    I'm keen to get my coins off their platform and into my wallet, so I am wondering if you guys know any approximate timeframe I can expect a resolve.

    Any info would be much appreciated.

    NOTE: because of this situation, I was forced to make further purchases via Tradeogre which all went without a hitch.
    I'm not too fussed about the Changelly delay as I'm holding for the long term, but am keen to see these coins in my possession/wallet.

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