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Changelly Exchange Listing Is Live

April 13, 2021

Changelly Exchange Listing Is Live


Ahoy Pirates,

The news you have been waiting for are here. With your invaluable support to raise the funds we have finally achieved our target.

As promised, we are now live for exchanges and trades on Changelly and the Changelly Pro trading platform.

The benefits of Changelly

One of the most important feature of Changelly is the Instant Conversion feature. Now you can swap various cryptocurrencies to ARRR in a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Changelly also offers a fully fledged Trading Platform. You can now use the Changelly Pro cryptocurrency trading platform to trade in ARRR

Buy crypto that you can quickly convert into ARRR through the Changelly Fiat Gateway.

Pirate can enjoy more exposure with Changelly making ARRR available to its 2 million existing customer base.

Referral Code

Support Pirate Chain by using our referral code to join Changelly: https://pro.changelly.com/referral/660a5d5e296f8371

About Changelly

Changelly is an established blockchain company with million of customers. They specialise in direct crypto to crypto instant exchange. Changelly Pro offers a full blown trading platform to buy and sell ARRR using spot trading and other popular techniques.

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Read more about the Changelly fundraising initiative and please consider a donation to enable us to give you even more privacy.

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9 comments on “Changelly Exchange Listing Is Live”

  1. How can I get in touch with support at my Pirate Chest wallet.
    I transferred 130 ARRR from Trade Ogre who has confirmed "successful". But my Pirate Chest wallet is still empty 0.000000000 ARRR after 2 hours.
    Where are the coins?
    who may I contact for help in this. About $350 are no where to be found.
    This will be the end of Pirate chain for me if I can't locate the coins.

  2. I am really having a hard time figuring out how to purchase ARRR on changelly. Is there any link you could send me for some assistance? I can not seem to find any good info on it.

  3. Hello my name is Glen and I am not a very experienced in crypto. I am very interested to invest into Pirate Chain. I have some money in an account with coin spot. (I think it is a Aussie firm) I am an Aussie. So if you could advise me how to transfer money / crypto over to Pirate chain I would be very grateful. Kind regards Glen

  4. Changelly PRO & Bitcoin.com are currently freezing ARRR holdings so they cannot be moved, traded or exchanged. This is very worrying can you look into this and possibly let us know when they will be freed up again. Do you see this as a form of sabotage for ARRR?

  5. Changelly PRO 'No KYC for up to 5 BTC per month' this is complete BS, I have just spent one month having a KYC battle with them, they asked for my driving license, passport copy, bank statement, they even asked for proof of where I got my money to invest in cryptos from! They just love to freeze your account with them too, trapping your money..beware of Changelly PRO!

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