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Citex and Escodex list Pirate (ARRR)

April 26, 2019

Citex and Escodex list Pirate (ARRR)

Today there have been two events that strengthen the position of the Pirate ARRR coin, helping to further develop and recognize the anonymity and privacy of the ARRR in payments.

PIRATE can trade on Citex and Escodex

For every coin, project, community - it is very important to support exchanges, as one of the main conditions for the payment system is the free exchange for Bitcoin, because it is Bitcoin that takes first place in the world, it accepts payments, for Bitcoin can easily be bought from VPN to real estate.

And on this day we are happy to tell you about the new exchange, where it is possible to buy and sell ARRR Pirate coins. A pirate coin has the primary goal of keeping your transactions completely confidential, but this is a challenge for exchanges, as the use of Z-addresses creates some technical difficulties in integrating such a coin.
Integration with Z-addresses is not a small task, and it is just the tip of the iceberg for developers to do so without the involvement of our team.
And we are very grateful to Mark Liu and the Citex.co.kr team for their attitude to Pirate!
Many thanks to the Citex team for integrating us without our request and without any costs.

The Citex Exchange was established relatively recently and differs from other exchanges for the better by commissions when buying or selling coins.

The prices can be found here:
Description on Coinpaprika

Citex has worked on the integration of the pirate coin almost independently, without the help of the Pirate team, and today is the day when the ARRR Pirate coin has gained recognition in a new, high-tech exchange.

To celebrate this event, Pirate and the exchange are holding a contest where you can win a large enough amount of pirate coin ARRR. Since this competition, this event and the joy of pirate coins knew no limits - it was decided to increase the prize pool by several times!
You can find out more about the contest in Twitter Citex.

Trade ARRR

Time for the 2nd big news!

Escodex (Escodex decentralized exchange) now supports the Komodo platform protocol and today is the integration of the first coin from Komodo-ARRR on the basis of digital asset PirateChain!
The Escodex exchange now supports the Komodo ecosystem and Pirate.

Learn more about Escodex


No one has the right to limit a person's desire to be private and anonymous.

In the age of AML/KYC's general policy, it becomes extremely important to protect your personal data. Everyone deserves safety in the network so that personal finances and funds belong only to the person and nobody, no third parties could know what a person spends his money on, how he moves it from country to country and how much money he has on his balance sheet.

What happens now when transactions are made at different stock exchanges or exchange offices?

  • Keeping a customer's transaction history for several years;
  • Tracking and identification of payment transactions;
  • Providing information about the customer and his transactions to various authorities upon their official request;
  • Suspending payment transactions and returning funds to the source account;

And much more, which in turn greatly damages the confidentiality of human funds and exposes them to high risk!
That's why we prefer the ARRR Pirate pirate coin, which is completely private and saves your transactions and funds from third party interference.

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Everybody aboard!

Ghรธst & Mixic

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  1. Hi!
    Have anyone used citex.. are they legit or conducting scam?
    I have bought arrr via them and cant withdraw my assets..
    Thinking, might to apply pressure to them as community..?
    Or anyone have went through already this ordeal already?

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