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How to Buy Pirate Chain (ARRR)

How to buy ARRR
May 10, 2021

How to Buy Pirate Chain (ARRR)

How to buy ARRR

The governments around the world can no longer ignore blockchain technology. Now that the politicians and bankers have accepted that cryptocurrencies can’t be stopped, they try to fight the adoption of crypto with bans, taxes and regulations. Can you really be 100% sure that the government and the IRS won’t come to take away your crypto gains?

Crypto was created with a simple vision in mind: to give anyone, anywhere in the world, the access to private, anonymous and fully independent financial transactions. Nowadays, this original mission of crypto is only realized with privacy coins like Pirate Chain. But what is Pirate Chain really, and how can it give you total financial privacy?

From this guide, you will learn everything there is to know about Pirate Chain. You will discover why Pirate Chain is the most anonymous cryptocurrency in the blockchain ecosystem, and you will learn how to effortlessly buy Pirate Chain in a fully private way.

What Is Pirate Chain

Pirate Chain (ARRR) is an anonymity-oriented digital currency launched in 2018 with a simple vision in mind: creating the most private and most secure cryptocurrency on the market. In other words, the goal of Pirate Chain is realizing the original mission of blockchain technology, which is allowing people to anonymously and privately send and receive financial transactions.
Most of the so-called privacy coins on the market are troubled with security issues resulting from the fact that they treat privacy as something optional, and not something that should be
the default. Because of that, your privacy can be compromised by other users of the network who don’t pay as much attention to anonymity as you.

With Pirate Chain, privacy is not just a fancy feature that can be turned on or off. Privacy and anonymity are underlying principles of the Pirate Chain network. Every transaction, every wallet, every address - all components of the Pirate Chain blockchain are guaranteed to be maximally private at all times.
ARRR is the first digital currency which provides universal, mandatory utilization of Zero Knowledge-Succinct Non-interactive Argument of Knowledge (zk-SNARKS) for every transaction and every user. Zk-SNARKs is a military-grade privacy protocol allowing sending and receiving cryptocurrency transactions without revealing any information other than those required for verifying the transaction. Zk-SNARKs is commonly acknowledged as the strongest privacy protocol in the blockchain ecosystem.

Why Buying Crypto Privately Matters

One of the biggest issues troubling the blockchain ecosystem are the widespread KYC/AML (Know Your Customer / Anti Money Laundering) regulations. KYC/AML verifications completely erode privacy and anonymity of using cryptocurrency. It doesn’t matter how private a digital asset is on a technological level, if in order to buy it you are required to send someone vulnerable data including your name, address, social security number and even a scan of your ID.

Pirate Chain remains anonymous and private on every step of using the cryptocurrency, including purchasing it. The ARRR community is provided with access to many ways of privately purchasing Pirate Chain without having to complete a KYC/AML verification process.

Step by Step Guide to Buying Pirate Chain


Step 1: Get Some Monero

The most private way of buying ARRR which guarantees 100% anonymity requires you to first buy some Monero (XMR) and then exchange it for ARRR on a privacy-respecting exchange. The best way to privately buy Monero is through the LocalMonero website. LocalMonero allows you to buy XMR with many different payment options, including fully anonymous ones like cash by mail, gift card code and crypto. The website requires registering an account, but no KYC/AML verification is needed.


Step 2: Register a TradeOgre Account

Now that you already own Monero, you may send it to TradeOgre: an anonymity-oriented crypto exchange which allows you to buy privacy coins like Pirate Chain. In order to use TradeOgre, you’ll need to register an account. Just like with LocalMonero, registering an account only requires you to set up an email address and a password - no KYC/AML verification is needed.

TradeOgre Exchange

Step 3: Buy Bitcoin with Monero

TradeOgre doesn’t support purchasing ARRR with XMR directly yet, so you will first need to
exchange your Monero for Bitcoin. In order to do that, go to the BTC/XMR pair on
TradeOgre, and exchange the desired amount of XMR for BTC.

Buy Bitcoin with Monero

Step 4: Buy Pirate Chain with Monero

To purchase Pirate Chain, go to the BTC/ARRR pair on TradeOgre. Type in the amount of BTC you want to sell or the amount of ARRR you want to buy, and confirm the transaction. And that’s it! You are now an owner of the most anonymous privacy coin in the ecosystem, and you can securely withdraw your ARRR coins to your personal wallet.

Buy ARRR with BTC

Alternative: Buy Pirate Chain Directly on Changelly

If you don’t think that 100% privacy is something that you need, or you simply want to buy ARRR as quickly and effortlessly as possible, you can use the instant swap exchange Changelly instead of TradeOgre. Changelly allows you to buy Pirate Chain with a large number of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero. Just type in the amount of crypto you want to exchange for ARRR and click “Exchange now”. After typing your recipient address, you will be given an address to send crypto to, and ARRR will arrive in your wallet shortly after you complete the transaction.

Buy ARRR on Changelly

You Got Some Pirate Chain, Now What?

Pirate Chain is not just another crypto token with no actual use case. ARRR is a real cryptocurrency - it’s meant to be used to pay for things in a maximally private and anonymous way. Now that you already own some ARRR, why not check the list of businesses and services which accept anonymous payments with Pirate Chain?

32 comments on “How to Buy Pirate Chain (ARRR)”

  1. Changelly/Pro's ARRR wallets are all locked, rendering it impossible to transact on their site. I presume this is due to the upgrade I heard Drake talk about on the monthly meeting video, but it is nonetheless extremely frustrating. I currently have ARRR trapped there because you cannot withdraw it or trade it.

  2. Hi guys,,im in Canada,,i was able to buy some pirate chain on Coinex after weeks of fucking around! Lol,,now what i would like to know is how i can get my pirate chain out of there and be off the radar so to speak,,i am new to crypto in fact this is the first crypto i ever bought! For privacy reason,,now i kind of screwed myself by giving information to buy it on coinex ffs! Is there a way to fix this? Thanks in advance!AAAAAARRR!!

  3. I have downloaded Paper and Lite Wallets to Ubuntu desktop(linux) desktop. Neither will run when I unpack them. Can you please share secret of getting the wallets to work on linux. Do I have to do something to the files (they are enabled to run as executables, but do not appear to have file suffix). Until I can store it I won't buy it!!! Arrr

  4. A couple questions.
    1. I did a stupid thing and when I started buying ARRR I used HITBTC.. BIG MISTAKE..things went OK for the first couple transactions but for the latest transaction my pirate chain is frozen.. I can't withdraw or transfer it to trade or sell..I have other crypto that is unaffected.. why are they picking ARRR? Is this the downside of privacy coins?
    2. My other question is how secure is my ARR wallet here?

  5. Hi. When does the problem get solved in Bitcoin.com and Tradeogre ?
    I have some ARRR stuck in Bitcoin.com
    Somewhere else to buy and withdraw ARRR ?

  6. Yay Pirates! Sorry but is getting more and more locked to withdraw our ARRR to our private wallets... CoinEx since October, TradeOgre since a few days... Isn't possible that the Pirate Team pushes DEX in some way? They all talk about "upgrading the pirate network" but I assume is more blah blah just to avoid money getting out of the DEX... Any light? Thanks! Yay!

  7. To complicated. When will it be doable to buy pirated chain directly with cash . Want no trace at all from government which I feel can happen if I buy bitcoin . Willing to wait until private directly without all the middle men. I’m a senior and very worried about economy. Please advise thank yo

    1. It's really not too complicated using the tradeogre method. Take it one step at a time with a small amount. After you see how it works, repeat with larger amounts. It can actually be quite fun.

  8. I'm still trying to buy arrr. I'm a truck driver who goes on the road for a month at a time. I usually only buy silver and gold but Pirate Chain has me interested. I figure I can throw a few grand at it once I figure out how. Your mobile wallet doesn't work at all. The paper wallet is just over my head. I'm not sure if the PC wallet works or not. I'd like to get in soon though. Any tips how?

  9. So, Pirate is completely anonymous, but you use Cloudfare's service that intercepts the encrypted traffic and decrypts it between a user client and pirate.black.

    Either you're not knowledgeable, which I doubt, or you're working for three letter agencies, while advocating the opposite.

  10. This is interesting. I would love to own Pirate Chain at the $4 zone. I have never owned any cripto currency. Getting all set up so that I am able to safely buy seems the problem. The way I under stand things is I need Monero or bitcoin to buy? Silly question from me I kn0w. Still trying to create my underlying systems like a general wallet on my desktop. I have down loaded Exodust and microsoft edge. Seems like I need a password for them?

  11. Hello,
    I bought some Arrr few month ago on "bitcoin.exchange.com".
    I have tried few times to send the coins to my pirate chain wallet that I downloaded on my phone but it was impossible until few days ago.

    Now that the exchange finally allowed me to do so, the coins never arrived to my wallet.
    The address is correct, but is there anything protocol or steps i missed ?
    Thanks for your help

  12. Hi,
    If I purchase Monero with cash for example with no kyc and then go to trade ogre and exchange xmr for bitcoin is not this transaction seen since Bitcoin is a surveillance coin?I guess no Bitcoin went in my wallet so it cannot be traced to me. I think?

  13. I’m new to buying anything. I’ve watched Dollar Vig over a year and believe in This but I’m a poor humble soul who will never say baaaaah - I’d rather say “ Arrrrrrr” and move my self out of here. I’m not sure where this works is headed. I had a family who is gone who owned properties in BZ. I always wanted to return but if I lost my home here( due to cancer) and I’m in remission- I’m also not making friends in my medical life, I have literally no one who is awake enough to think I’m sane. I used to work at Merrill Lynch as a youngster(20s) and I’m not wealthy; my mother left all to a brother who took millions and ran. I’m left holding a bag full of air. Can you help me? I can scrape up enough to make a tiny investment now. Please advise?

  14. Loving the concept, but the fact that I have to buy Bitcoin, which is traceable via the blockchain, worries me.
    Isn't it possible to sell this via giftcards, or the like? I wouldn't mind paying extra for this option.

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