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How to use the ViewingKey crypto wallet feature

viewing key
May 21, 2020

How to use the ViewingKey crypto wallet feature

viewing key cryptocurrency wallet

The ViewingKey feature ensures that users can have visibility of a cryptocurrency wallet but cannot spend the amount in it. A feature that could have multiple uses, as an example an organisation that is fundraising into a wallet and wants 5 different people to have oversight of the balance. It can be used as a form of accounting system too.

Using the viewingkey for a z-address, a user can verify if that z-address has payments sent to it and to monitor the balance, but they wont be able to spend it.

Step by Step Instructions

🦜 Install the Pirate Ocean wallet
🦜 Open the wallet and go to Help > Debug window > Console
🦜 Type and enter: z_exportviewingkey YourZaddress
🦜 Select and save the ViewingKey and your Z-address
🦜 You then send both the ViewingKey and Z-address to User2 (the person you want to view the balance)
🦜 User2 then has to go to Help > Debug window > Console
🦜 Type z_importviewingkey and press Enter
🦜 Type again and at the end enter: z_importviewingkey (ViewingKey) yes (BlockHeight) (YourZaddress)
🦜 Confirm the import of the ViewingKey
🦜 You can check the latest Txy by typing: z_listreceivedbyaddress (YourZaddress)
🦜 Now you can check the amount of that address as often as you want by typing the z_listreceivedbyaddress command

Watch the video:

2 comments on “How to use the ViewingKey crypto wallet feature”

  1. My wallet won't sync on my android wallet that I've had for 8 months and I have a lot of pirate chain on it. I also bought a lot more pirate chain today from tradeogre and sent a small test amount to my wallet and it said successful transaction complete on trade ogre but is not in my pirate wallet. The wallet also will not allow me to send out?!! Please help

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