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How to Vote in Notary Node Elections

May 6, 2019

How to Vote in Notary Node Elections

Voting instructions for NN elections

1. Download Agama or Komodo Ocean - official links

2. Activate VOTE2019 Coin

3. Import your KMD private key or seed

4. Send your VOTE to one of the addresses listed

For voting instructions on Agama for Desktop
click here

For voting instructions on Agama for Mobile
click here

For voting from Komodo Ocean:

1. Download VOTE.cmd

2. Copy VOTE.cmd in launch_assets folder in your Komodo Ocean installation folder

3. Double-click VOTE.cmd → this will launch Komodo QT with VOTE2019

* If you can’t download VOTE.cmd simply create a file with that name in launch_assets folder, add this line and save:

start ..\KomodoOceanGUI.exe -ac_name=VOTE2019 -ac_supply=123651638 -ac_public=1 -addnode=

Send your VOTES to addresses below

[ EU - Europe ]


[ NA - North America ]


[ AR - Asia-Russia ]


Vote Pirate AR

Vote via CLI

1. Build komodo from source - follow the below instructions:


Note: you don't need to setup .komodo/conf as you will only start VOTE2019 chain

2. Start VOTE2019 chain and let it sync (shouldn't take too long)

cd komodo/src

./komodod -ac_name=VOTE2019 -ac_supply=123651638 -ac_public=1 -addnode= &

3. Import your KMD private (wif) key that had funds at time of VOTE2019 airdrop

./komodo-cli -ac_name=VOTE2019 importprivkey yourPrivateKeyHere

Do this for each KMD private key if you have multiple addresses

4. Send your votes to your desired candidate

./komodo-cli -ac_name=VOTE2019 sendtoaddress "RHs4FTLEYn7CcbLdRBNDbm6iNTUwxpj8ML" amount "" "" true

Replace amount with number of VOTES to send - i.e. 100

!!! Address in command above is for Pirate EU - if you wish to send votes to another address just replace it

If you wish to send all your VOTES to one address run the following command:

./komodo-cli -ac_name=VOTE2019 sendtoaddress "RHs4FTLEYn7CcbLdRBNDbm6iNTUwxpj8ML" $(./komodo-cli -ac_name=VOTE2019 getbalance) "" "" true

Pirate proposal: https://komodoelection.com/proposals/pirate

If you have enough VOTES you can also support candidates that have helped the project in one way or another. This list is not exhaustive. Please see their proposals below

Thank you!

More informations about the NN elections click here

Vote PirateChain in Komodo Notary Node Election

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