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Pirate Chain December Update

January 1, 2020

Pirate Chain December Update


December was an exciting month, but more so, 2019 has been a stellar year for the most anonymous cryptocurrency, Pirate Chain! In the 16 months since Pirate Chain's inception, a lot have been accomplished and all of it is due to our community of Pirates! On this first day of 2020, we want to acknowledge and thank every Pirate community member for all your contributions!

Big Pirate Ship final

(art by @maco, commissioned by Captain Draeth)


Project Developments

  • Tortuga w/ Turtle network

Thanks to @Wolf, the TrueUSD gateway, and CryptoBrokers Gateway Deployment Framework were successfully verified and solidified in TurtleNetwork's main dashboard.  The focus can finally shift back to PirateChain. The code has been reviewed by CryptoBrokers and MrLynch, an agreement has been made by MrLynch to develop the ARRR side of the gateway, incorporating his existing Lite Wallet Technology. The estimate for test is by the end of January at the latest, with a launch a week after testing.


  • Pirate Chain website multilingual translations

With the help of community volunteers, Pirate.black is now available in 8 languages (Chinese, Arabic, Slovenian, Italian, Dutch, French, Croatian, English) with even more on the way!


  • Pirate OS

The first version of Pirate OS, nicknamed GhostShip is currently in open beta testing. The privacy-focused operating system can be launched from USB drive or from desktop. It is free to download! The official product launch is planned for late January. The future version, nicknamed Galleon OS will come with autoupdate option.



  • A call to arms! Pirate Needs You!

Pirates are encouraged to hold local meetups for Pirate Chain and Privacy. Let the team know and we will send you swag for the meetups!



  • Pirate Chain notoriety

Thanks to the contributions of @+dreamtim, Pirate Chain ranks between #10-13 for Google searches for most anonymous cryptocurrency in US, Canada, Australia and United States!


  • Countdown to second ARRR halving

Did you know that Pirate Chain will have two halvings in 2020?! Check out the countdown timer to the first halving estimated to be on February 21st.



Wallet Updates

With Komodo ecosystem hardfork, all wallets need to be updated,


New exchange listings

  • Bilaxy (started 12/11)

Bilaxy boasts fast deposits, trade ARRR/USDT here! https://bilaxy.com/trade/ARRR_USDT


  • CoinEx (started 12/17)

A favorite amongst the community, CoinEx also has very fast deposits. Trade ARRR/BTC here  https://www.coinex.com/exchange?currency=btc&dest=arrr

If you are signing up for CoinEx, please use the Pirate Chain referral code, all proceeds are go to the Pirate Chain development fund. https://www.coinex.com/register?refer_code=egf7x


  • Still to come

    • Hotbit has agreed to list ARRR, trading is anticipated to go live in late January! In the meantime, sign up for a Hotbit with the Pirate Chain referral code, all proceeds are go to the Pirate Chain development fund. https://www.hotbit.io/register?ref=565977
    • SafeTrade will also be listing ARRR. Look out for announcements when trading goes live!


New interviews

December was a huge month for interviews! Catch up on all the interviews about Pirate Chain and Privacy!

  • “Fireside Chat with Draeth and Ken Bosak,”




  • Interview with Draeth and Crypto Wendy O on “What is a Privacy Coin?”




  • Crypto Rich interviewed about Pirate Chain and Privacy on Stanford University’s KZSU’s 90.1FM!!

Listen to the recording: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/laptopradio/episodes/2019-11-20T14_50_38-08_00


  • Draeth on Crypto Rich’s show, “Crypto Privacy - Big Things Coming with the Most Secure & Private Cryptocurrency of All!”


CryptoRich Big things to come


  • Crypto Rich interview with John McAfee about Pirate Chain!


Crypto Rich McAfee



  • Andre Mosin " THE MOST PRIVATE COIN | Best Privacy on the Blockchain"





  • Crypto Rich reviewed Pirate OS with primary developer @wieprz,

Part 1, https://bittubers.com/post/3a2f806e-d62b-41ae-8362-6f70dfa059f5

Crypto Rich Wieprz part1


Part 2, https://bittubers.com/post/169b8f62-d871-4423-aec4-b6efe8814a8c

Crypto Rich Wieprz part2


  • Cryptohuff review on Pirate Chain “The ethos behind Pirate Chain is, Privacy first.”


“As you can see, Pirate Chain ($ARRR) is for all essential purposes the perfect Privacy-centric Cryptocurrency by being absolutely and incomparably private, while at the same time undeniably secure in this sector. People who are looking to have financial privacy would benefit the most from Pirate Chain.” - Cryptohuff

Screen Shot 2019 12 31 at 5.42.11 PM


  • Proof of Review analysis of Pirate Chain

Proof of Review awarded Pirate Chain with a grade of A- in their thorough fundamental review, check it out!



“The team, advisors and community are what makes Pirate Chain stand out. The development team is extremely strong and milestones are being achieved over a sustained period, with the Pirate Chain community also contributing towards development and adoption.”

ProofofReviewTweet e1577835807533



  • The Million Trip رحلة المليون,

@Ahmed walks through the Arabic version of pirate homepage (pirate.black), https://youtu.be/G_DbksIRkfE


Social Media

  • Telegram

With the help of community, Pirate Chain now has a Indonesian Telegram channel which joins the Asian family of social media chatgroups (Line and WeChat). Join the chat here, https://t.me/piratechainindonesia


New Merchants

  • Crypcy

Our goal is to empower crypto-enthusiasts around the world to use cryptocurrency as it was intended – buy products in a p2p manner. We don’t use crypto-to-fiat gateways therefore what crypto you use, we use.




  • Cypher Merchant

Cypher Merchant is run by crypto enthusiasts who enjoy supporting projects and artists in the space. The profits from each shirt are distributed to everyone involved.


The majority of our items are made in house and are not produced through multiple 3rd parties like most print on demand and drop shipping sites. This gives us the ability to create higher quality items than most, keep as much of the currency IN THE CRYPTO SPACE, and makes it so we can share with everyone.




  • Blockchain Stuff

Promoting the crypto lifestyle is our #1 goal. Crypto is still very much a niche, in order for bitcoin and many altcoins to grow, people need to get aware that they exist. We raise awareness for the movement one piece of merch at the time.






Social media influencer, Crypto Rich has been a ardent supporter of Privacy and Pirate Chain. He has contributed countless hours interviewing and uploading videos. We asked him for some thoughts on the space.

Give him a follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoRichYT

Support his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/cryptorich

and his Bittubers channel: https://bittubers.com/profile/CryptoRich

Words from Crypto Rich:

Without privacy, there can be no freedom.

Without privacy, there is no self-governance.
Without privacy, there is no creativity.
Without privacy, there is no security.
Without privacy, there is no freedom to associate freely.
Without privacy, there is no real political discourse.

Without privacy there can be no freedom.

This is why Pirate Chain.

I have been running my channel since April 2017. Prior to that I worked as a child protection social worker. Often I had to remove children from their families due to the abuse they were being subjected to. I was very aware of the powers that I had that impinged on familial and parental privacy. My children are educated at home without government interference, as is my right to do so in the UK as a parent.

This is why privacy matters.
This is why Pirate Chain.

I have been covering Pirate Chain a few months after the code was released.

I love that it is 51% attack resistant, that all transactions (post genesis) are shielded, the community ethos of the project and its association with Komodo.


Last words from the editor

(##already claimed by @Diablo## the first person that does the following will win a prize (1) tweet out a link to this monthly update with this hashtag #privacyfirst, and (2) post a link to the tweet on #pirate-chat with @wookie)

As members of the cryptocurrency community and proponents of privacy, we are living in exciting times. We have courtside seats to watch the world at the inflexion point of technology, society and humanity. In the past decade, we have seen the exploitation of personal data & financial privacy by the juggernauts of the surveillance economy. Today, privacy is on the tongues of people who have heard about the failures of credit agencies in the US, and the human rights atrocities committed by the likes of Google, Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. However, taking measures to protect their privacy is still mostly seen as an inconvenience. 

Since Pirate Chain's first block was minted, it has accomplished tremendous feats with the help of the Pirate community. It is with great pride that we look back on the past 16 months, and with great excitement that we look forward to what’s to come. In the 2020s, we will witness the rise of a new Economy of Privacy, driven by Privacy-focused blockchain projects. Pirate Chain, as the most anonymous cryptocurrency, with a fervent community of privacy-enthusiasts will play a special role in this new decade.


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