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Pirate Chain, The Privacy Blockchain, Introduces PiratePay

PiratePay Gateway
November 19, 2020

Pirate Chain, The Privacy Blockchain, Introduces PiratePay

PiratePay Gateway

The PiratePay Payment Gateway Application

PiratePay is a decentralized, open source, payment gateway that allows anyone to accept the Pirate Chain cryptocurrency $ARRR on a website and/or store. PiratePay removes the middleman from the equation, with only privacy and advanced security in mind.

The PiratePay application is more intuitive and far more secure than a traditional system where an RPC Server is used to communicate with a store.

This is accomplished by placing $ARRR wallets behind a feature-rich RESTful API. The API offers transaction records, price conversions and increased security features such as Oauth2 authentication. A graphical dashboard is also supplied. Additionally, the job queue manager feature monitors wallet transactions and communicates with the store’s API to update the status of order payments automatically.

Why use PiratePay to accept Pirate Chain?

PiratePay is very powerful. Running a wallet while simultaneously processing transactions can use significant computing power. PiratePay removes this workload off of your store’s internal systems. It frees up valuable resources enabling you to accept up to thousands of transactions per hour without slowing down your website.

PiratePay is more secure than other online cryptocurrency payment systems. The PiratePay application improves security of your wallet by placing it behind a "protective fence" that allows higher security standards and makes it impossible to remove funds from. A common problem with other cryptocurrency payment solutions.

In the unfortunate event that some credentials are compromised, this security feature protects the merchant by keeping the coins safe.

PiratePay is more intuitive to use. The PiratePay Dashboard makes it easier to monitor:

🏴‍☠️ Orders and payment transactions
🏴‍☠️ Expected payment amounts
🏴‍☠️ Partial, failed or incomplete payments
🏴‍☠️ Receipt of full payment
🏴‍☠️ Cryptocurrency to fiat currency conversion rates

Pirate Pay eCommerce Solution for Websites

What are the Benefits of accepting Pirate Chain ($ARRR) for Merchants?

The first important benefit of using $ARRR is Risk Reduction. Pirate Chain ($ARRR) cannot be charged back. This means no hefty chargeback fees, penalties, suspended accounts or fraudulent transactions to deal with. This is especially important when selling digital goods where most payment services offer little to no chargeback protection.

There is no middleman involved so therefore no fees to pay. By using the PiratePay application to operate your Payment Gateway, you process all of your own transactions independently and will not be charged any third party transaction fees, processing fees, monthly fees, or service fees. Those are a lot of fees to stop paying.

With PiratePay you stay decentralized. The merchant is in full control of their wallet, coins, and keys. With PiratePay there are no third parties involved in any step of the transaction funnel. All transactions work on a peer-to-peer basis and will transfer funds from the customers’ wallet directly to the merchant. No third party will ever have access or control of your coins.

Ease of use is another important feature of PiratePay. Setup is very easy, and the system will automatically start processing and monitoring all transactions immediately upon installation. The application instantaneously relays the order status and updates back to the store software as purchases are received. This feature saves time and effort of having to manually confirm and mark payments as sent.

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  1. Is there an actual application to download to use PiratePay? I love this article and love the news and want to learn more about integrating it more into my business and accepting more ARRR instead of fiat wherever possible.

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