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Mandatory Update For The Treasure Chest Wallet

Mandatory Update
May 24, 2021

Mandatory Update For The Treasure Chest Wallet

Mandatory Update

Please note that there is a mandatory update of the full node Treasure Chest wallet. You have to update your Treasure Chest wallet by June 14th 2021 or risk problems.

Also note that running this version will trigger a rescan on the first launch. This is Version 5.1.1, Signed Release, part of the dPow Season 5 Hardfork.

The Lite Wallet and Mobile Wallet users don't have to update anything.

Bug Fixes:

• Fixed the date shown on transactions
• Fixed the watch-only status shown on transactions
• Fixed an issue causing inconsistent data being displayed on the receive tab
• Fixed bdb deadlocks
• Fixed building QT on cli builds
• Updated QT download link 

New Features:

• Diversified addresses
• Added a new mapAddressTxids to keep track of all wallet addresses and the transactions they were used in.
• Added note value and address to the sapling note data stored on each wallet transaction
• Added support for Atomic Swaps via AtomicDex
• Added ivk and ovk to ArchiveTxPoint to increase rpc speeds
    ◦ Triggers a wallet rescan
• Added block height on Activating best chain UI notifications 

Feature Revisions:

• Themes - Added 7 new, removed 1
• Optimized z_listunspent 
• Revised z_getnewaddress to return a diversified address
• Added z_getnewaddresskey to return a new address with a new key
• Revised balance inquires to use the newly created value in the sapling note data
• Revised zs_listreceivedbyaddress, zs_listsentbyaddress, zs_listspentbyaddress and getalldata to use the newly created mapAddressTxids, and ArchiveTxPoint ivks and ovks.
• Revised how balances are tracked on the receive tab of the GUI for better response time.
• Disabled sprout address balance/transaction reporting
• Disabled sprout key imported
• Disabled sprout keys being loaded from the wallet.dat file
• Update Berkeley Database to 6.2.32
• Set transaction expiry heights on sweep and consolidation transactions
• Optimized Sweep and Consolidation functions for large quantities of addresses
• Updated gcc@6 to gcc@8 in mac builds instructions
• Added PIRATEversion to getinfo rpc
• Removed pre-Groth sprout keys
• Updated param file download locations
• Updated addnodes

Download here:


Watch the video:


Treasure Chest

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18 comments on “Mandatory Update For The Treasure Chest Wallet”

  1. It seems I can't access the spending and viewing keys as in the previous version...Can you explain how to do this in 5.1.1 so I can save them in case I need to restore wallet???
    Many thanks, Rick

  2. Hey,
    I would like to know how to do the update. Should I install a new version and the keys will be the same? Is there any guidance available in the FAQs section? Thank you for your help

  3. When will an app for Iphone be available.
    Are there any other options besides windows and mac with the systems you need now? I do not have the latest systems.
    thank you,

  4. I have treasure chest full node 5.0, if I download 5.1 will it update my current wallet 5.0 with pirate tokens in it, to the 5.1? Any issues doing that?

  5. I missed deadline to update wallet. I just updated and wallet now and is stuck at 10% updated. I have saved my wallet.dat files prior to installing the new pirate chain wallet. Is there any way to save my funds or all is lost?

  6. i need help i downloaded 5.1.1 on 6/16/2021 for new update and now my wallet is showing 0.0000 please help me doi gotta wait till all the sync is done to see my transactions?

  7. I have tried downloading the full node pirate chain chest wallet 4 times and each time i get "error opening block database" message. I have deleted each attempt. What do I do?

  8. Hi there. I am experiencing some trouble the past few days I could use a little help with. I downloaded the new wallet no issues a few weeks ago and pretty much always leave it open on my computer. About 4 days ago I sent 100 ARR to a buddy then I withdrew a lot from Tradeogre, but I noticed my wallet was not showing either transaction so I figured I would close it and re-open it and maybe it would show up. My wallet re-opened no problem, but now it stalls out for ever saying "Activating best chain" and then sometimes goes to a screen like you show at the end of the video where it shows the percent window. The problem that keeps happening is that before it can ever finish it automatically shuts down and then when I go to re-open it, it starts the entire process all over again. I saved my view and spend keys for all my current addresses, but my concern is if I delete the wallet and start over I do not have the view or spend key saved for my last transaction from Tradeogre. Any suggestions would be sooooo appreciated. I love what you all are doing and I am all in on ARRRR!!!

  9. Hi
    I missed the date to upgrade my v3.1.1 wallet due to going through caring for my dying husband who has passed away on 17 July. Now it won't sync.
    Can you help me please?
    Thank you.

  10. I just recently updated my treasure chest wallet on my mac and now all of the pirate chain that I owned is gone. Is there anything I can do about this?

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